Face & Fingerprint Biometric Time Attendance System

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Experience dual joy of both Face & Fingerprint biometric machines

  • Dual mode of authentication Incredible amount of combinations for secure attendance and access control are possible when we have both fingerprint and facial recognition biometric technology in one device
  • Option 1 - Fingerprint attendance and access control The user can mark their attendance through their fingerprint like a conventional biometric attendance machine
  • Option 2 - Face recognition attendance and Access Control The employee can show his or her face to either mark attendance or gain access to any area.
  • Option 3 - Dual mode by Fingerprint plus face recognition Here, the user will get access or will be able to mark attendance if and only if both his fingerprint and facial recognition match their records in our database. This enhances security of the workplace, ensuring only authorised employees are able to access Company property.

Some brands that trust our Facial Recognition technology

Suitable applications for various industries

Time and Attendance Gate Pass Management

Contract Labour Attendance Management Systems

Cloud Based Attendance Management

Classroom Attendance Systems for schools and colleges



M2000 - Facial & Fingerprint Recognition Biometric Attendance system & Access control Terminal

  • High User capacity

    10,000 templates; Upgradable to 50000 templates

  • Multiple modes of authentication

    Face, Card, PIN

  • 3.5" High resolution display

    Stunning 3.5" screen

  • Versatile connectivity

    Wifi, LAN, TCP/IP, USB, RS485, RS232, Wiegand Input & Output

  • Many use cases

    Attendance system for offices, industries

  • IP65 Rated

    Industrial grade IP65 rated attendance machine

VF100X - AI based Facial Recognition Attendance System and fingerprint biometric attendance system

  • User Capacity

    500 face templates and 1000 fingerprint templates

  • Multiple modes of authentication

    Face recognition, fingerprint, card, PIN

  • Interface

    WiFi, USB

  • Suitable for

    Low price biometric attendance machine applications

VF200 - a face recognition system and a fingerprint attendance system - the 2 in 1

  • User Capacity

    Upto 1000 users

  • Authentication modes

    Face, finger, Card, PIN

  • 2 MP camera

    A 2 MP camera with liveness detection

  • Connectivity

    Built in Wifi, LAN port, TCP/IP, USB

  • Suitable for

    Startups, MSMEs, small offices

  • Perfect for Time and attendance

    Suitable for marking attendance

VF300 - Face Recognition & Fingerprint biometric attendance system

  • user capacity

    1000 Face templates, 1000 Fingerprint templates

  • Authentication modes

    Face recognition, fingerprint biometric, Card, PIN

  • Compact 4.5" screen

    A compact 4.5" screen perfect for indoor use

  • Interface

    WiFi, LAN port, TCP/IP, USB, RS485, RS232, Wiegand Input & Output

  • Suitable for

    Attendance in small offices

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